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Who we are

  • Plasticle is Martyn and Rich, two designers with over 16 years of experience in designing and building HTML e-mails.

    Between us, we've created hundreds of e-mail campaigns that our clients have broadcast to millions of people.

    We're proud to be based in Sheffield.

What we do

  • E-mail Design

    Reinforce your brand with e-flyers, newsletters, landing pages and admin mails.

    See examples

  • E-mail Build

    Our e-mails don't break, and they don't fall into junk folders.

  • Testing

    We test your e-mail in 30 mail clients, desktop and mobile, and we give you the proof.

  • Copywriting

    Two seconds.

    That's the only chance the average e-mail gets.

    How confident are you about your e-mail copy?

What we don't do

  • Design websites, logos etc.

    Unlike other agencies, we don't pretend to be masters of all things digital and promise you the moon on a stick. We only play to our strength: e-mails.

  • Cheap

    Sure, we appreciate that some companies prefer low cost to high quality. We just don't do business with them.

  • Work for spammers

    If we suspect for a second that you're going to drag our name through the mud with unscrupulous broadcasts, we'll cheerily tell you to bugger off.

  • Talk bullshit

    You hate it, we hate it, everyone hates it... yet it appears to be an accepted business language.

    Well, not here it isn't: we don't give you any bullshit, and we expect the same from you.

Plastimonials: What our clients say

“We cannot speak highly enough of the Plasticle team. They not only produced what we think are the most exciting & vibrant email designs we've seen in a very long time, they listened and actioned all our feedback, gave awesome advice, and delivered on time. Really, they rock.”
“It's great to find someone who understands the complexity of e-mail marketing from a design point of view.”
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